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Interested in learning more?
Call Toll Free 1-855-208-8246
8am to 8pm, 7 days a week (TTY 711)
Interested in learning more?
Call a Toll Free 1-855-208-8246
8am to 8pm, 7 days a week (TTY 711)


  • Affordable plan options, including a $0 premium plan

  • No deductibles

  • All-in-one plan for hospital, medical and prescription
    drug coverage, plus additional benefits

  • Larger network of doctors and hospitals


Bundle and Save with
Blue Medicare Advantage (HMO)


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has been protecting and serving Kansas City for over 75 years. Our Blue Medicare Advantage plans bundle Original Medicare benefits with Part D prescription drug coverage and additional benefits not found in Original Medicare.


$0 Premium Plan,
$0 Deductibles


Choose between our $0 Complete and $29 Plus plans. With Blue Medicare Advantage, you won’t have the burden of deductibles, those expenses you have to pay under Original Medicare before you start receiving coverage.


Financial Protection with
Blue KC


As a Blue Medicare Advantage member, you’ll have a limit on medical expenses each year, a protection not found in Original Medicare plans. No matter how many times you see the doctor or go to the hospital, your total Medicare covered out-of-pocket costs are capped.


A New Approach to
Patient-Centered Care


Blue KC is leading the way with a network of doctors who provide a coordinated care approach, designed to lower total costs and keep you healthy.


With Blue KC
Fitness is Free


Enjoy unlimited visits to fitness centers at no additional charge through our SilverSneakers program, included in your Blue Medicare Advantage membership. Additional benefits like Dental, Vision and Hearing are included in one or more Blue Medicare Advantage plans.


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Take The First Step

Speak with a MedicarePlan Expert
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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
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